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【PackTowl】UltraLite Towel-hand-grass meadow

$882.00 $980.00
When every ounce counts, the UltraLite quick-drying towel is great for backpackers, travelers, or any minimalist who wants to pack a towel for an impromptu dip in some trailside water. Weighing a third less than the closest competitor, this soft, highly packable, and ultralight microfiber towel is great for drying off without having to sweat the ounces.
Ultralight: Even in its largest size, the UltraLite towel barely tips the scales at just 5.1 oz.
Softer Touch: Anti-pill fabrics are soft to the touch for the life of the towel.
4x Absorbency: Absorbent microfiber fabric soaks up 4 times its weight in water, which can be wrung out easily.
Ultrafast-drying: Dries 80% faster than comparable cotton towels.
Highly packable: Soft fabric packs down tiny when space is at a premium.
Hang loop for easy drying and packing.
Machine washable